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 Pulaski County Daily News

Chamber to move offices next week
ST. ROBERT, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — Cecilia Murray of the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday that her staff will begin moving their office next week from the top floor to the lower level of the Pulaski County Visitors' Center. The Chamber rents space in the Visitors' Center, which is owned by the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau. Moving will begin March 9, Murray said. Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Darrell Todd Maurina

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Spc. Bobby Everett of St. Robert traiins with Lebanon's civilian authorities.
FLW team trains for response to attack on Missouri's governor
LEBANON, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — The Missouri National Guard’s 7th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team based at Fort Leonard Wood conducted joint training exercise with the Lebanon police and fire departments, as well as the Lebanon Hazmat team Wednesday at the Floyd W. Jones Airport. In the process, the unit got to show some of its capabilities to Brig. Gen. Stephen Danner, who attended the exercise. Danner, who was appointed as the adjutant general about two months ago, said the 7th Civil Support Team, a 22-person unit made up of Missouri Army and Air Guardsmen, provides a fantastic asset to the state. “I was really impressed,” Danner said. “The 7th CST was the one unit that was specifically mentioned in the advisory council to the governor’s homeland security meeting. It’s great to see them training hard.” Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Matthew J. Wilson/Missouri National Guard

National Guard hazmat trains for response to attack on SR City Council
ST. ROBERT, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — The Missouri National Guard’s 7th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team followed four days of specialized training with a joint exercise Feb. 27 that included the St. Robert Hazardous Materials Team and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The simulated two-part scenario for Friday’s exercise consisted of a chemical being released at a city council meeting at the St. Robert Municipal Building and an explosion in the parking lot outside. “Basically, the 7th Civil Support Team has a HAZMAT entry team and this course is designed to assist them in working on their procedures in a contaminated environment,” said Sean Hagerty, a Davis Defense Group senior function analyst who served as an instructor. “Basically what we surmised was this whole thing was put together by a disgruntled retired military individual that was mad at the city for taxes and he was attacking the city,” Hagerty said. “His thought was that he was going to attack the city council, and then the first responders through this bomb he set up in the parking lot.” Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Matthew J. Wilson/Missouri National Guard

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National Guard MPs train at Fort Leonard Wood for domestic disturbances.
National Guard MPs learn tactics at FLW's Regimental Training Institute
FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — A mixed unit of 39 National Guard soldiers from five states is in the process of completing the first phase of military police military occupational specialty training with the 2nd Battalion, 140th Regional Training Institute on post. Phase one deals mostly with law and order tactics. “Some of them will be able to pick up the difference between the civilian law enforcement and the military law enforcement,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Brown, military police branch chief for the training institute. “Those who have never been exposed to it, hopefully, will get a good feel for being able to respond to situations as they come up.” Brown said the class is made up of soldiers from the Missouri, California, Idaho, New Mexico and South Carolina Army National Guards, as well as one from the West Virginia Army Reserve. Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Matthew J. Wilson/Missouri National Guard

Rising workers compensation costs put Pulaski County on 'watch list'
PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — After facing significantly higher than expected workers compensation claims, Bob Holthaus from the Missouri Association of Counties spoke to Pulaski County commissioners Thursday and gave suggestions on ways to control costs. Holthaus said the Missouri Association of Counties formed a self-insured pool and began offering worker’s compensation insurance in the mid-1980s because counties couldn’t get good insurance rates. While rates are lower than what might be expected commercially, Holthaus said Pulaski County’s high claims rate led to an “experience modification” of 1.21, placed the county on a “watch list,” and triggered his visit. Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Darrell Todd Maurina

Wrecks hurt four near Waynesville
WAYNESVILLE, Mo. (March 5, 2009) — Two crashes near Waynesville on Wednesday night and Thursday morning led to significant injuries, and the Wednesday night wreck snarled traffic nearly an hour on Highway 17 near the access road to Shalom Mountain and Northern Heights Estates. State troopers reported that about 6:40 p.m., Fran G. Bonomolo, 18, of Waynesville, was turning left onto Highway 17 from Longview Road when she turned her 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer into the path of a northbound 2000 Mazda 626 driven by Shanna K. Proctor, 38, of Crocker. Both suffered moderate injuries. About 8 a.m. Thursday, Quincy J. Kasper, 23, of Rothchild, Wis., was southbound on Highway 17 south of Buckhorn, fell asleep, and lost control of his 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. The vehicle ran off the left side of the road, crossed Sierra Drive and struck a tree. Quincy Kasper suffered only minor injuries but his passenger, Mary A.Kasper, 26, also of Rothchild, suffered moderate injuries. Their vehicle was totaled.  Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Darrell Todd Maurina

 Area Voices

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Gary Carmack
Paramedic’s Corner: Bits and Pieces
The title of this week’s article is “Bits and Pieces” as none of the topics for this week are very long. First the recent snow storm: Sudden heavy snowfalls always present special challenges for an ambulance company. First of all, the motor vehicle crashes (MVC): Many of the crashes, fortunately, are slide-offs with minor injuries or no injuries. However, the ambulance is still required to respond and check out the people involved in the crash. The second big problem is that ambulance services are about not only emergency care and treatment of the sick and/or injured, but also transport. Therefore, a vehicle response is required and hence we face the same problems as everyone else: the possibilities of sliding off, crashing, or getting stuck. Getting up steep hills is always a challenge. The next huge problem is the interstate and the hospitals being thirty miles or more away. The next topic I wanted to explain to the readers concerns transports to the Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital in Columbia. The PCAD is glad to and will take our citizens to the VA hospitals, and we frequently do; however, the appropriate procedures must be followed. These are the VA’s procedures, not those of PCAD! The VA Hospital in Columbia does not have an emergency room. Therefore we are expected to take any emergency patient to an ER first and then transfer can be arranged later by the physicians. Click here to read more on Pulaski County Daily News ...
Gary Carmack, Ambulance Director

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